Leadership Development

An important part of Freedom Lacrosse is Character and Leadership Development.  College coaches spend a lot of time and money recruiting athletes they hope will be a good fit on their teams, and many coaches’ jobs are tied to their success rates.  In the old days, character and leadership were addressed at home, church, and in schools—but a lot of societal changes have created a shift in that model.  Two working parents, a less religious society, a 24-hour news cycle, the advent of social media, and an educational system that is focused on standardized testing outcomes have caused the focus to move elsewhere, and that has had a negative result on kids, which grows exponentially into adulthood.  In the worst case scenarios, teens who lack good character and leadership skills show up in the media performing heinous crimes... 

In the best case scenarios, people lacking those important skills graduate college and can become successful members of society, but will face struggles along the way that could all be remedied with strong character and leadership skills. 

Research shows that people of good character make excellent team mates, and that is a huge part of what makes Freedom Lacrosse so special.  Participants will learn about their own specific character traits, how to use those traits to become amazing leaders, how to communicate effectively, how to get out of toxic situations and relationships, why it’s OK to make mistakes, and above all, how to be authentically YOU.